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Plyometric Exercises


plyometric boxes


The following are plyometric exercises for explosive power. These upper and lower body exercises are performed with plyometric boxes or steps and bodyweight. Plyometrics are high impact and demand a lot of energy. Add them into your program occasionally and keep repetitions low and sets high. Strength will progress with this addition in your regime. These exercises are essential for many sports such as football, basketball, track and field, and volleyball.



Explosive Pushups - Ins and Outs

This is a great upper body power exercise.  It targets chest, shoulders, and triceps.  Start with one or two plates high and progress to more.  Begin with about 16-20 reps total.  This exercise is exhausting so take longer rest periods.  Power exercises should be implemented into your program to break through plateaus. Occasionally alternate between strength and power workouts.



Slamball Slams

Slamball slams are a great whole body exercise that have a cardio demand. They work the legs, glutes, and lower back when picking up the ball from the ground. Lifting the ball overhead and slamming requires shoulders and abs strength. Make sure you are lifting with your knees bent, back straight, and your chest up. Inhale as you lift, exhale as you slam.




Jump Lunges

Jump lunges are an excellent exercise to develop leg power. They target legs (particularly quads) and glutes effectively. These can be performed with a weighted vest if you are an advanced athlete. Do no perform more than 30 reps per set. You feel the burn fairly quickly with this one! Exhale as you jump up. Inhale as you are landing. Do not stay on the ground for long, it is a quick repetitive movement. Jump and land on opposite leg and explode back up.






Standard Explosive Pushups

Tuck Jumps

Kneeling Jump Squat

Long Jumps

Single and Double Leg Box Jumps - Single and Double

Leg Box Jump Drop-Offs

Bench Hop-Overs

Lateral Box Jumps

Box Drill

Burpee with Tuck Jump

Explosive Pull-Ups

Ball Drop Chest Passes

Overhead Tosses Forward and Backward/

Side Tosses

...And More!





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