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Personal Trainer in Toronto Services and Rates






Personal Training


Personal Training is offered throughout Toronto (areas include: Yorkville, Annex, Forest Hill, Midtown, Lawrence Park, Bayview Village, Bridle Path, Rosedale, Church and Wellesley Village, High Park, and Kingsway) in homes, condos, and outdoors. Studio personal training is also available conveniently at Studio-Fitness (74 Bathurst Street).

The fitness assessment includes: girth measurements, body fat percentage (using calipers), cardiovascular fitness (resting and recovery heart rate and blood pressure), strength, and flexibility. The assessment helps to make effective goal setting and to measure progress. This is a complimentary service when you purchase a training package. Assessment and reports are offered separately for $80+HST.

Specific exercise programming and nutrition counseling tailored to your goals. You will learn safe and effective techniques. Personal training sessions are an hour and include; strength training, cardio, and stretching. A full range of fitness equipment available is brought to you. Some of the tools we may use in your workouts include:free weights, kettlebells, Indian clubs/clubbells, battling rope, TRX suspension trainer, medicine balls, stability balls, Power Wheel, Lebert Equalizers, Bosu ball, ab slings, gymnastic rings, plyometric boxes, weight sled, agility ladder, full kickboxing gear, Rumble Roller, Trigger Point Therapy tools and much more. No other mobile trainer in Toronto offers the array of equipment I do!





In Home and Condo Personal Training Rates

Pay as You Go $110/Session

10 Sessions at $100/Session

20 Sessions at $90/Session


* $85/Session flat rate (for sessions between 11am-4pm).

* Add $20/session to train with a partner.

* Prices Subject to 13% HST.

* Payments include; cash, cheque, Interac e-Transfer, or PayPal.

* 24 Hour Cancellation Policy in Effect.

* Refer a friend and receive a free personal training session or assessment.





Small Group Boot Camp


This small group boot camp utilizes high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit-style, mixed cardio and strength training drills, followed by flexibility exercises. Your power, strength, and endurance will all be tested. A lot of the exercises use your bodyweight as resistance, but you will also be using battling ropes, kettlebells, and resistance bands. You will be challenged and exercises will be modified as much as possible to suit your individual level of fitness. Unlike other popular boot camps, this is much smaller, and taught by two top-notch trainers (Klaudius Petrulis and myself). This enables you to be well-taught and supervised. WATCH our boot camp promo.

Location: 491 Eglinton Avenue West

Date and Time: Next set of sessions TBA







Drop-in - $30+HST

8 sessions at $25 per session ($200+HST).

Group limit is only 12. Secure your spot when dates and locations are posted.



Exercise Programming and Nutrition Counseling


Exercise Programming and Nutrition Counseling is offered to clients across the Greater Toronto Area. This service includes an 8-week exercise program and nutrition guidance to help you achieve your specific goals. You will learn how to workout effectively and feel comfortable training on your own.

At our first meeting, we will complete a comprehensive assessment and consultation (typically an 1 hour). The fitness assessment includes: girth measurements, body fat percentage (using professional calipers), cardiovascular fitness (resting and recovery heart rate and blood pressure), strength, and flexibility. This will allow you to being monitoring your progress. During the consult we will discuss; your goals, health history, injuries, lifestyle and dietary habits. A second meeting will be required for the demonstration of your program (typically an hour). Each exercise of your daily routines will be demonstrated and performed to ensure you have the correct form and technique.




Customized Online Exercise Program


This service includes an exercise program tailored to your goals. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire that will allow me to customize a program to your goals/needs. You will receive your 8-week plan (with exercises, sets, reps, tempo, and rest times) via email within a week of payment. Ongoing email support is provided to walk you through your plan. I advise having a fitness assessment prior to the start of your program and after the 8 weeks are completed.





Live One-on-One Coaching, Personal Training, and Boot Camp

I am excited to announce my services will be available WORLDWIDE in the coming months. I will be offering online, live coaching, personal training, and boot camps via Skype and Google Hangout. These services will be offered at reduced rates because it eliminates the need for me to travel to clients. You can train at your gym/studio or at home and I will walk you through your workouts from my own fully equipped home gym). You can also workout with me in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment required. My coaching sessions will help you: design a workout plan for your goals. I will also provide nutrition and lifestyle tips that will direct you on the right path for success.

My online rates are as follows:

One-on-One Personal Training: $70/session (1hr)

Group training: $10/session (45min) * A Discounted monthly rate will also be available.

Coaching Calls/Consultations: $40 (30min coaching call)





Corporate Fitness and Wellness Program


Topics/activities of the corporate fitness and wellness programs and seminars include: effective exercise program design, flexibility training (focusing on essential stretches for office employees), cardiovascular training/ bootcamp, healthy eating (for fat loss, muscle building, energy, etc.), and stress management. These programs and seminars are informative and engaging. The primary goal of the program is to improve health and wellbeing of the team, minimizing absenteeism and boosting productivity.  A secondary goal is to help team building and cohesiveness by communicating and working together on a common goal.   Employees appreciate a company that invests in their health. 




Please contact me for details and pricing.


Presentations, Lectures, Demonstrations

Topics, Locations, Dates, and Times T.B.A.





Personal Training Business Mentorship Program


This is a consulting service for those personal trainers looking to start or develop a successful fitness business. This program is also for those who are established in the fitness industry and want to take their business to the next level. This is a one-on-one mentorship program that consists of three 2-hour meetings. Some of the topics covered include; creating a niche, selecting courses/certification programs, establishing service zone, writing liability and policy forms, developing a fitness assessment, program design, selecting and purchasing equipment, promotion, cross-promotion, networking, online marketing, advertising, web design, search engine optimization, client retention, and expanding services. You will gain access to some of my network contacts (including a web designer, marketing specialist, photographer, and graphic designer) who can help you with advertising and marketing.






Personal Trainer in Toronto

Eric Astrauskas, Spec. Hons. B.A.(Kinesiology), P.T.S.

Phone: 416-912-9716


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