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E! Canada Workout


Etobicoke Personal Training - Long Branch Park Boot Camp



Below are preview videos of some of the exercises performed at my men's and women's boot camps in Etobicoke. Here is a sample of a lower body and core circuit. Exercises include: battling ropes waves, slam ball slams, Bulgarian squats, jump lunges, walking lunges, Turkish get ups, Russian twists, leg raises, mountain climbers, and kettlebell swings. These sessions include 3 circuits of 10-12 exercises with :45 work periods followed by :30 rest periods. Boot camp workouts will usually include exercises using: bodyweight, battling ropes, kettlebells, slam balls, strength bands (resistance bands), Lebert Equalizer bars, and more.





Battling Ropes Waves



Slam Ball Slams



Jump Lunges



Walking Lunges



Turkish Get Ups


 Russian Twists



Leg Raises


Mountain Climbers 


Kettlebell Swings



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