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15 Newbie Training Mistakes

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1. Wrong breathing pattern (inhaling on exertion) or holding breath.
2. Burning out/poor recovery.  Doing too much too soon and having unrealistic expectations.
3. Doing too many isolation exercises instead of compound.
4. Going from one program to next with no consistency.  Also the opposite of not changing the program and getting into a rut and hitting plateaus.
5. Comparing themselves to Instagram fitness stars and professional bodybuilders (many of whom are steroid users).
6. Focusing on body composition goals rather than performance.
7. Making excuses/no consistency.
8. Unreal expectations – thinking it is linear progress.
9. Not warming up before starting and stretching at end of workouts.
10. Thinking you can outwork poor diet.
11. Poor uncontrolled movements and “ego lifting”.  Rush through exercises instead of developing mind-muscle connection.
12. Don’t work on weak links (grip strength, shoulder stabilizers).
13. Don’t do proper assessments to gauge their progress.
14. Many women falsely worry about bulking up and avoid lifting heavy.
15. Too much reliance on machines and not free weights.




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