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Basic Nutrition Guidelines and Sample Meal Plan

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Basic Nutrition Guidelines

  • Protein .8-1g/lb of bodyweight in grams.  A 200lb person would consume 160-200g daily.
  • Macro ratio: 20% calories from fat, and 40% from carbs.
  • Focus on 18-20x calories per pound of bodyweight when trying to build muscle.  14-16x calories per pound when I am trying to trim down or maintain.
  • Aim for high fiber ~30-40g daily.
  • Choose the number of meals per day that works for you.  Personally, I have 3 with a shake post workout.
  • Focus on unsaturated fat and less saturated.
  • Use whey isolate or a combo of whey and casein after workouts.
  • Magnesium (200-400mg) and zinc (15mg) couple hours before bedtime.
  • Glutamine (10mg before bedtime)
  • Fish oil (~1g daily)
  • 3-4L water (more for heavier person)
  • Choose spices over sauces.
  • Include seeds, nuts, and nut butter with meals/salads.


Sample Meal Plan

3-4 eggs and chicken or steak with salad of mixed greens, nuts (cashews) or seeds (hemp seeds), sprouts, and avocado.  Fry egg and meat in coconut or avocado oil.

Snack/Post Workout
Protein shake with mixed berries and cinnamon.

Lunch or Dinner
1. Burger with cheese and cashew/almond butter.  Mixed greens salad with sprouts, hemp seeds, and avocado.
2. Chicken stirfry with avocado and various vegetables (usually broccoli and peppers). Quarter plate of carbs (brown rice or potatoes).  Spices typically used: smoked paprika, all-purpose seasoning, and chilli. Stirfry in coconut or avocado oil,

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