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Gut and Digestive Health: Preventing and Curing GERD and Acid Reflux


gerd, acid reflux

Do you suffer from GERD or acid reflux?  I have and it is very uncomfortable, frustrating, and increases stress/anxiety (which just makes the situation worse).  Mornings are dreaded and sometimes I am awoken from my sleep with burning stomach and throat pain. 

Instead of just accepting doctor’s recommendations (without even doing proper diagnostics) and filling a prescription for PPIs (acid-blockers which are horrible for you and screw up your ability to process foods/nutrients), I have voraciously researched ways to correct the problem.  Doctors will be quick to prescribe PPIs or H2 blockers (especially if an ulcer is a concern).  This is short-sighted and can have long term damage.  These drugs are not meant to be used for longer than a few weeks but people end up stuck on them long term because they do not address/cure the problem.  They merely allow ulcers to heal.  But they usually come back once the drug is removed.  If you are considering drugs or are on medication for GERD or acid reflux please read up on the long term side effects which include: digestive problems, bone loss, depression/anxiety, muscle cramps, heart issues, and much more.

Latest research shows that excessive abdominal pressure, inefficient digestion, inflammation, and a malfunctioning lower esophageal sphincter (LES) are common culprits.  Also, recent studies show that most people with GERD and acid reflux actually have low stomach acid. Remember, you are what you eat AND can digest!

To successfully correct this issue I have taken the following 15 steps.  You can try them and let me know if they were successful for you as well. 

1. Digestive enzymes with most big meals (I use digestive enzymes by NOW)
2. Probiotics (with fiber as a food source for bacteria).  I use probiotics by AOR (Advanced Orthomolecular Research) and eat yogurt and kefir and drink kombucha (love the taste, check out my favourite brands below).
3. Fish oils (Nutrasea by Ascenta) for anti-inflammatory properties
4. Ingest aloe vera gel to ease inflammation
5. Lower carbs (cut back on starches, wheat etc)
6. High protein diet with glutamine for lining repair
7. Bone broth for lining repair
8. Skip snacks to give digestive system a break
9. Cut back on excessive saturated fats and “heavy” meals for awhile
10. Cut down on coffees/caffeine. Ugh!
11. Eat smaller meals, smaller bites, chew food.
12. Exercise regularly and stress reduction (read, meditate, listen to music)
13. Do not eat within 3 hours of bedtime
14. Half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate before sleep to buffer acid.
15. Elevate head of bed 6-8 inches and try to sleep on left side.


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Bone Broth Recipe

Lately I have been makng bone broth meals for several reasons.  It is great for healing the gut and joints.  It is low calorie and almost all protein.  It also tastes good if you add the right spices. 
Add 2 cut up chicken breasts into 500ml bone broth (20g protein).  Add sprinkles of Celtic salt, all-purpose seasoning, chilli powder, and smoked paprika.  Bring the broth to a boil for 10min. Then bring down the heat and let simmer for 10m, adding mixed greens, peas and carrots or other vegetables of your choice.   

bone broth recipe



bone broth meal





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