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30 Simple Ways to Burn More Calories Daily and to Avoid Excess Calories

burn calories, burn more calories


1. Take stairs.

2. Park far away from entrances in parking lots.

3. Walk whenever possible.

4. Fidget and keep moving.

5. Do not eat while distracted watching TV or at the CPU.

6. Do not eat when you are angry or upset. Keep busy and find other ways to deal with your emotions.

7. Chew your food more.

8. Smile and laugh more.

9. Get more sleep. More sleep = less time to eat and better appetite control.

10. Avoid over-consumption of liquid calories. Go with water, lemon juice, coconut water, kombucha, or grapefruit juice.

11. If you cannot refrain from alcohol consumption, opt for wine or spirits.

12. Play with your children. This benefits both. I see too many parents on their cell phones nowadays and not interacting with their kids.

13. Have hot/cold showers. Scandiavian spa style. This helps burn extra calories and is good for lymph and blood flow.

14. Get a dog that requires walking/running.

15. Have more sex or masturbate.

16. Stand at your computer.

17. Keep a good posture and avoid slouching.

18. Use smaller plates.

19. Go to concerts and dance.

20. Pick up a sport even if you do not excel in it. Choose one you enjoy to compliment any workouts you do.

21. Do more house chores. Vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing the bathtub are great options.

22. Choose spices over sauces.

23. Avoid over-use of sweeteners and artificial sweeteners.

24. Eat foods that slightly stimulate metabolism such as spicy food.

25. Eat more nutrient dense foods. Add more salads to your diet.

26. Hand wash your car every week or two. Avoid automatic cash washes, they tend to destroy your paint anyway.

27. Bike or walk to work.

28. Try intermittent fasting once or twice per week. Or try a traditional more lengthy fast once or twice per year. This is also good for cleansing and mental health.

29. Cut down on carbs once or twice per week on days you are not working out or active.

30. Garden and grow your own food.

31. Eat a high protein diet and include some healthy fats with meals. They digest slower than carbohydrates and keep you satiated.




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