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How I Built 18" Arms Naturally

18 inch arms, big arms, huge arms


18 inch biceps, 18 inch arms, big arms, huge arms, big biceps

  • Use various grips and target long head and brachialis. Overhand and underhand to target tricep heads.
  • Use various rep ranges, loads, and tempos.
  • Focus on compound lifts – pull-ups, rows, bench press, dips.  4-6 sets
  • Secondary focus on isolation movement including: pressdowns, kickbacks (cable, band, and DB), skullcrushers (particularly like doing them with kettlebells), tricep pushups, incline curls, incline hammer curls, spider curls, reverse curls. 3-4 sets.
  • Target the long head of the bicep with hammer curls and reverse curls. 
  • Target the short head of the bicep with standard curls and curls with rotation.  Train them at different starting lengths (elbows in front with preacher/spider curls, and elbows behind with incline curls).
  • Train triceps at different starting lengths (eg. kickbacks = shortest, pressdowns = middle, overhead extensions = longest).
  • Triceps are larger and comprised of three heads. Perform more triceps exercises than biceps. 
  • Superset biceps and triceps exercises.  Also use drop-sets to increase time under tension. 
  • Train back and chest (followed by arms exercises) 2-3 times per week.
  • Focus mostly on full range of motion with occasional partials. 
  • Nutrition: Protein 1g/lb of bodyweight. Caloric surplus 16-18xbodyweight.  Occasional use of pre-workout with creatine and nitric oxide boosters. Glutamine 10g nightly. Magnesium (200-400mg) and zinc (15mg) nightly.
  • Lifestyle: Sleep 6-9hrs, meditate, stretching, and foam rolling/massage.
Check out the following exercise videos to help you on your journey to building massive arms: chest exercises, back exercises, biceps exercises, triceps exercises.




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