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Favourite Slam Ball, Medicine Ball Exercise Videos

Compiled By Eric Astrauskas, Spec. Hons. B.A. (Kinesiology), P.T.S.

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slam ball, medicine ball

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Slam Balls and medicine balls are effective tools for explosive sport-specific movements. Many of the movements with medicine balls target your core. With such a simple tool you would not think there are many exercises you can perform. However, they are versatile. Here are just some of my favourite slam ball exercises:


Overhead and Chest Pass – targets back, shoulders, rotator cuff, triceps, abdominals.



Overhead slams – lats, shoulders, triceps, abdominals.



Side toss – targets obliques.



Squat jumps – targets legs, glutes. Squat and jump with arms overhead for a greater challenge..



Overhead backward toss – targets hamstrings, glutes, lower back, shoulders.



Here are some good reference materials for slam ball and medcine ball training:

Strength Ball Training

Medicine Ball Workouts: Strengthen Major and Supporting Muscle Groups for Increased Power, Coordination and Core Stability




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